ESSA Certificate

Clip Ltd is proud to say that it is a member of the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) who represents the very best in the exhibition industry.  Click here to see our membership certificate. 

To qualify for the membership, a company needs to prove it is the very best in their field and adhere to the highest standards.  Amongst other things it means that any customer's work is protected under the ESSA Bond, which guarantees any work to be completed.

It also ensures that Clip will work to the highest standard and with this membership any company will be assured that;

  • All work or services will be carried out to an agreed specification and time -scale.
  • All work will be explained, costed and agreed.
  • All materials used will meet with the required Industry Standards.
  • Health and Safety and environmental issues will have a high priority in every aspect of the project.
  • Member companies will only use workers who are experienced and competent to fulfil their role.
  • All enquiries will be dealt with efficiently and courteously.
  • Company insurance details will be available upon request.
Click here to see a copy of our Quality Service Charter. 

These assurances are the minimum of what you can expect from Clip and set us apart from other Contractors and Service Providers.  If you would like any further information click here to visit the ESSA website or click on the logo below.